Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Blogging, anyone ?

This post I'd like to dedicate to all those people who keep journals regularly.Not just because they record their life and the world as they saw it for all posterity but also because they've been able to maintain one regularly.I mean, that's more than most of us can manage.I for one, have tried often and failed miserably... I just keep switching from one diary to another. It's a fad that lasts until the front cover loses its shine and then BAM... I come up with all sorts of excuses as to why journals are so passe'.So how's all this relevant to the title ? If you wondered about that, all I've got to tell you is that am not trying to produce a " justify the title " essay here.All am trying to do is spend some free time doing something that i enjoy, writing that is, in the hope that there're atleast a few ppl out there who'll read anything that's written.

So.... Moving on...............

In the past I often felt that blogs were created for two kinds of ppl...
One that love to write but choose to record only significant stuff instead of diary entries that read like " I woke up at 7 today, gotta wake up early tomm. Work was dull. Had a nice dinner though. "
Two that feel their words deserve a wider audience than a younger sibling who reads them secretly.

But now I feel a blog's more than just a public journal.It opens up a whole lot of avenues like... er... ahem... go on, complete that for me.Basically I now feel it's a powerful medium. Which's why i blog now.So that by the time I've something that's worth writing about, I'll know that there're a few ppl out there who'll read it.Being proactive, that's it....

So to all those who actually spent time reading all this, Be brave and persevering cuz you've my word that someday there'll be something sensible on this blog :)


p.s : this's also dedicated to all those ppl who were compelled to write essays with content that matched the title......

p.s2 : comments expected. I mean, if you had so much time as to read all this, you can definitely spare a few more mins commenting.Plus you get the opportunity to criticize freely, which's more than what life allows us most of the times.

p.s3 : Note to self.... p.s s are supposed to be short.

Monday, December 1, 2008

clear thoughts ( pun intended )

hey all... this is just going to be a little post.

small idea. are all our thoughts clear ? or are most of them confused and without relevance ? if so what should we do ? is it better to make our thoughts clear or clear away all thoughts ? views welcome, debates most welcome....

thanks for reading this :)